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Serving Portland, Oregon and Surrounding Areas

Karla has actively pursued the healing arts for most of her life. Growing up in an unusual environment was part of the catalyst for her curiosity; her father was a water dowser who also cleared unwanted energy from homes. She has always been sensitive to metaphysical phenomena and uses that awareness to support others in their own transformational journeys.

After working as an oncology nurse, Karla moved on to the healing of brick and mortar and became a historic preservation consultant.

Path to Energy Healing

Recognizing her personal need for internal clarity and growth, Karla began exploring the path of energy healing. She entered an education and certification program with the intention of getting “unstuck” and breaking out of old patterns that no longer served her.

Along the way, Karla realized how fulfilling it was to facilitate growth in others. She continues to learn, grow, and work on her own evolution.

What I love most about energy healing is witnessing the transformation during a person’s process…seeing them look back and say "I don’t even know who that person was that was in so much pain."

The worlds of historic preservation and energy healing may seem disparate, but Karla has found quite a bit of common ground between the two. Her emergence into the more overtly spiritual world of energy healing has given her a newfound passion for using her intuitive gifts and awareness.

Along with energy healing, Karla has studied the art of Himalayan singing bowls, learning various relaxation and healing techniques that she incorporates into her practice.

When Karla isn’t healing humans (or homes), she is traveling, antiquing, entertaining with friends, and finding more ways to bring beauty into the world. She lives in Portland with her fabulous cat Tanuki, who also loves energy healing!

Would you like to connect with Karla to schedule a session? Have questions about energy healing? Get in touch and she will happily help.

"Karla is a person whose intuition and sensitivity allow her to perceive things on a much deeper plane than most. The tools I have been given and skills I am learning allow me to approach my problems and my life differently. I highly recommend meeting with Karla for anybody ready to make positive changes in their life.” — WLR

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